Puffco Peak - Smart Rig - Black

Puffco Peak - Smart Rig - Black
Puffco Peak - Smart Rig - Black
Puffco Peak - Smart Rig - Black

Puffco Peak - Smart Rig - Black

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4 UNIQUE USER HEAT SETTINGS Beginner or expert, small or big loads, flavor or big clouds, no matter how you like to consume there is a perfect setting for you. Sesh-mode also lets you extend your session, creating the first social dab experience.



Compare this to the 3 minute process of heating and cooling times with typical dab rigs. This means more consumption and less waiting.


The smartware automatically adjusts heat times if your bowl is still hot. This provides a more consistent experience during repeated use and sesh-mode.


The discreet light band provides battery and heat cycle indicators when needed, and conceals itself when they're not. Haptic feedback keeps your timing spot on so you're getting the perfect hit.


The battery fully charges in 2 hours when using the supercharger. It lasts around 30 dabs.

Meet the Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak is a unique handheld dab rig vaporizer. It is specially designed to deliver the concentrate vaping power of an e-nail with the ease-of-use of a hand-held vape. This vape inspired a whole scene of concentrate vapes called 'smart-rigs'. Despite all the competition that it contends with today, it remains one of the finest smart rig vaporizers on the market today. 

5 Big Questions About the Puffco Peak

While the Peak is reminiscent of more traditional dry herb vaporizers at first glance, it has major departures in its design that mean in operation it is radically different. 

1. What can you vape with the Puffco Peak?

The Peak is compatible with all types of cannabis concentrate. Oils, waxes and shatter will all vaporizer quickly and cleanly in its glass, electronically heated nail. 

2. Is it portable?

Unlike many dabbing rigs, the Peak is totally self-contained and battery-powered. This makes it incredibly portable, and you can expect up to 30 heat cycles out of its battery on a full charge. This means that you can rely on it when you're out and about and far from a power source. 

3. Can you adjust the temperature?

As the peak is designed to work with concentrates, its temperature settings are far higher than that of a dry herb vape. It features a fully adjustable temperature spectrum that ranges from 232°C to 316°C. 

4. How long does the battery last?

The Peak has a powerful battery that offers up to thirty heat cycles on a single charge. To get the very most out of your battery be sure to turn the heating system off between uses.

5. Does it have a warranty? 

Puffco offers a one year warranty for any defects or manufacturing errors in their electronic vaporizers. This warranty doesn't cover the glass bubbler. 

Using the Puffco Peak

The Puffco occupies a strange space in the hand-held vape scene. Despite looking like a dry herb vape, it doesn't operate like one, and despite heating like an e-nail, using very different, too. 

1. How to Operate Your Puffco Peak

To operate the Puffco, remove the glass bubbler from the base and carefully fill it with water to a point just above the air holes. Attach the bubbler to the base and hold the power button down for three seconds to activate it. Cycle to your preferred temperature setting by pressing the power button once. Then, dab your concentrate into the bowl and cover it with the cap and double-tap the power button to start the heat cycle.
When the LED blinks three times, the Puffco is ready to use. 

2. How to Get the Best Vapor Quality 

Getting the most out of your Puffco is incredibly easy thanks to its automatic temperature calibration. This system means that the heat level of the chamber is automatically adjusted to match the size of the dab you place within its chamber. 

3. How to Clean It

Cleaning the Puffco is more like cleaning a bong than a vaporizer. Carefully detach the bubbler and submerge it in a cleaning solution or isopropyl alcohol. Then, use a cotton swab to gently clean the chamber and carb cap. Before reassembling your vape, carefully rinse and dry the bubbler. Let the device go through a heat cycle to ensure that all the cleaning solution or alcohol has fully evaporated. 

What Makes the Puffco Peak Popular

The Puffco Peak kickstarted a whole new market for compact concentrate vapes with the water cooling effects of a traditional glass rig. It's user-friendly design and ease of use, make it one of the best options for beginners and concentrate aficionados alike

  1. Simple operation. The Puffco peak has a fully integrated bubbler, ceramic heating chamber, and single button control. This combined with its discreet size makes it ideal for hand-held use. 
  2. 30 second heat-up time. The Puffco Peak will reach vaping temperatures in less than 30 seconds, so you won't have to wait for your vape experience. 
  3. Decent battery life. The Puffco Peak offers you over 30 heating cycles on a single charge. 

Puffco Peak Key Features

It should come as no surprise that a vape with an appearance as unique has a massive range of unusual and interesting features for users to enjoy.

1. Design

The Puffco Peak has a distinctive conical-shaped water bubbler mounted on a base. The entire device is a mere seven inches tall and is just under three inches wide. The ceramic chamber is integrated into the device, making it straightforward and easy to use. This is a big advantage over some e-nails or dabbing rigs which often have multiple components. 

2. Integrated Bubbler

The most obvious features of the Puffco Peak is the glass bubbler that offers smooth, water-cooled hits. Few vaporizers come with water tools right out of the box, and fewer have them integrated directly into the device!

3. Temperature Calibration

Many vaporizers require the user to precisely adjust their temperature settings, or carefully pack their chamber. The Puffco Peak has an incredible self-regulating heating system that automatically adjusts to the load size inside the chamber. This means that no matter what you have in your chamber, you can be sure that your hits will be smooth and consistent. 

4. Ceramic Chamber

The Puffco Peak features a ceramic heating chamber with carb cap. Ceramic offers even and consistent heating while the carb cap allows you to thoroughly vaporize your concentrates. 

5. No Hot Spots

A major design flaw of many vaporizers that operate at high temperatures is how as you use them, hot spots will form on their casing, making them uncomfortable to handle. The Puffco Peak features insulated heating systems that prevent dangerous hot spots. 

Beware of Fakes on Other Marketplaces!

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The Final Verdict on Puffco Peak

It's hard not to recommend the Peak to any concentrate fan. If you're a beginner, then its familiar design, ease of use, and self-regulating heating system will make your first steps into the vape world easy. 

If you're a dab hand at dabbing, then the portability and reliability of the Puffco Peak will open up a whole new world of quick and convenient dab experiences. 

The Puffco Peak launched a whole new niche of concentrate vapes, and it is still among the very best. 

What’s in the Box


1 x Puffco Peak 

1 x Carry Case

1 x Set of Cleaning Swabs

1 X Loading Tool

1 x Micro USB Charger

1 x Carb Cap

1 x Spare Ceramic Bowl

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