The Ultimate Dab Guide: Essential Tools for Dabbing

The Ultimate Dab Guide: Essential Tools for Dabbing

In the dab world, each tool has a purpose dedicated to it. However, to have the best dabbing experience, there are essential dabbing accessories that you shouldn't miss on your coffee table. One of the tools includes the dabber itself.


The role of the dabber is to carry your concentrate from your dab carrier to the dab's e nail or banger.


Below are some of the dab tools you should not miss.

Dabbing Accessories

1. Rolling Tray



What is a Rolling Tray?

A rolling tray is a more reliable and convenient tool that one may use to roll their herbs before being smoked over bongs and vapes. There are several reasons why you should use a flower rolling tray.

Why Have a Rolling Tray?

The first reason you may choose to buy a rolling tray is the quality of blunts you will get.


Also, rolling trays will keep the coffee table you may be using clean, and it's easy to clean up everything after you are done with dabbing.


A rolling tray catches fallout and crumbs as you fill your rolling papers while emptying the electronic grinder.


You can buy rolling trays in any color, style, or design that will seem fit for you. In our online shop, It could be easy to find rolling trays that are affordable and probably right for you.


Our devil vs. angel tray will help you keep your hemp flower in one place without having to waste by spilling off some.


2. Quartz Banger

Several dab lovers prefer to upgrade their dabbing rigs to high-quality thick bangers. One may use bubble caps to control the quality, volume, and temperatures at which dab concentrates vaporize.



A Quartz banger glass tends to offer optimum results under moderate temperatures. As well, it provides a better dabbing experience. Quartz glasses are made from quartz. Despite being cheap, that doesn't compromise their quality at all.

Which is Better? Glass or Quartz Bangers

Dabbing has always been an art. That is why there are several Quartz bangers and nails on the market today. However, the nail you will choose may significantly affect your dabbing experience.


On the other hand, glass and quartz bangers look pretty alike. Quartz being a mineral, it's more brutal. Hence, it's natural to have a few differences between the two.


Quartz Banger

Glass Banger

Quartz nails are strong

May break easily

A bit expensive

Relatively cheap

Take long to get hot

Take 20-30 seconds to heat


In terms of Similarities, both glass and quartz bangers don't affect the taste of your dub. As well, both are easy to clean and handle.

3. Nectar Collector Kit

Nectar collectors, dab straws, also known as honey collectors, and honey straws are dab rigs designed for vaporizing concentrates.


Most honey collectors have a straw-like mouthpiece, quartz or titanium tip, and a body. The most common portable dab collector dabs are glass honey collectors.


What are nectar collectors?

A nectar collector is a handheld and portable dab rig that has revolutionized how to dab. The collector has:


  • A mouthpiece


  • A water bubbler that enhances filtration


  • Heat-resistant quartz or titanium tip


The tip of your nectar collector gets heated, dip it into a concentrate container. Afterward, vapor will be released, which you should go ahead and inhale to experience the calming effects you expect from your dab concentrate. offers nectar collectors in different styles, like the freeze nectar collector, and they are made from other materials, all to your liking.



The INHALCO TOKER electric Nectar Collector offers improved dabbing performance that may help quench your dab cravings. As well, it provides clean and potent vapor. For easy cleaning, Its parts are detachable and easy to fix.



We didn't mention your best dab tool; we still got you covered. Kindly contact us to feature it in our next dab guide release!

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