How to Use a Glass Bong

How to use a glass bong


Bongs, bubblers, steamrollers, rigs. Creativity never runs out when we narrow it down to cannabis smoking!


According To The American Scientific Society, glass bongs are as old as humankind. The bongs come in different forms from one century to the other. You have bought a new glass bong and dried hemp buds, and you feel you are ready to go. Only that you feel nervous since you don't know how to smoke.


Here are some tips for getting the most out of your new glass bong. Use these tips to get the most out of your flower and have a better time smoking.


1. Choose a Perfect Size of a Glass Bong You Would Like To Use

Does the size of a bong matter? When it comes to using a glass bong, yes! Size matters. The bigger the glass bong, the more smoke you'll get, but it will be more challenging to travel with.


On the other hand, despite having small hits, a small bong is easier to move around and clean in general.


2. Clean Your Bong

When using a glass bong, the most important thing is to make sure it is clean. The first thing you should do is clean your bong if you want clean and smooth hits. You may use isopropyl to clean your bong and fill it with clean water.




Wondering how to clean a glass bong? First, pour the alcohol into the water pipe's top, shake it, let it sit for a few minutes, and then rinse it out with some water. Adding salt to alcohol can help remove cannabis residue from the inside, but this is unnecessary.


You shouldn't add salt while cleaning if you have a fancy glass piece with tree-shaped percolators. The more often you keep it clean, the easier it will be to stay clean for the next time you need to do so.

3. Grind your Hemp Flowers

Like herbs used in cooking, herbs used in smoking work better when ground grinders come in different shapes and sizes.


When you grind flower material, the surface area of what is burnt grows, rather than just lighting the outside nugget of your cannabis. With a more lit surface area, you are assured of more smoke. In this way, more flowers get burned and inhaled, as well as having a better experience of smoking.


While it may take a little longer to grind your cannabis than just putting a nug in the bowl, the hits you will get are worth the hustle. The best way to choose a grinder for your marijuana is to look at what other people have used.

4. Fill the Bong's Base With Clean Water

Once you are done grinding your cannabis nugs, it's time to fill your glass bong with water.


Adding water may give you the best experience or spoil the entire smoking experience. Water will act as a filter to cool and clean the smoke. First, you should remove the bowl. At Least, for now, we may not need it.



If you are smoking using a single-chamber bong, you should fill it with just enough water to cover the bowl's downstem, but not so much that it spills over.


If you have a percolator bong, things will be a little different. Fill the percolator halfway through the top hole, then fill the bottom water chamber with water through the downstem.


Does your percolator bong have an ice catcher? You should add ice after filling its water. Then, drain the excess water as the ice melts to avoid cleaning up the mess.


Filling your bong with the correct volume of water may take some practice, but with practice, you'll be able to fill the water to the right level- it is a fun experiment, even though there is a lot of trial and error.

5. Replace Your Bowl, Take The Hits

Finally, your bong is ready to smoke after cleaning and filling it up with fresh water. Fill your bowl halfway with the flower, then put the downstem in and light it.


Man smoking pot


If your water pipe has a carb, you'll need to cover it with your finger as you light the weed and smoke it in.


  • To make a seal, put your mouth inside the top piece of the chamber. Your lips should be inside the opening of the top piece, too.


  • As you inhale and slowly draw the smoke into the chamber, light the substance inside the bowl.


  • Your finger can lift the downstem or open the carb so you can smoke and clean your bong.


Remove the downstem one piece at a time if you want to control the smoke and make it soft on your lungs. What a fantastic smoking experience!

Take Away

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