Comparison Between Puffco Peak and Puffco Peak Pro


Comparison between Puffco peak & puffco peak pro


Just before anybody could tell it, Puffco, the brand that has been reigning in the eRig space and brains behind Puffco peak, did it. They released puffco pro.


The Puffco Peak was the only eRig that used modern technology to make sure that you could get the most out of your wax concentrates. Consumers who liked the comfort and convenience of the original Peak are in for a significant upgrade with the Puffco Peak Pro.


In this article, we would like to compare Puffco Peak and Puffco Peak pro. When we meet today, we will talk about two things: the Puffco Peak and the Puffco Peak Pro.


Instead of putting the two eRigs against each other, this piece will discuss how the first passes the torch to the second.


Before we go any further, how about talking about how people dabbed before the introduction of  Puffco Peak and how much of a difference and improvement the Peak has made.

Traditional Dabbing

Before Peak's announcement at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, vapers used vaping using traditional methods. First, one would set up their banger. Then, to see if the heated banger is too hot, one would have to hoover their hands near the banger.


The experience could help one tell once the ideal temperature had been attained. However, it wasn't that effective since that takes a lot of trial and error.


However, with advancements in technology, vapers can sigh a relief!

Puffco Peak Features

The Puffco revolutionized the dapping industry by coming with the following features:


  • Water filtration system integrated.


  • Intelligent temperature calibration


  • Long battery life


  • Adjustable temperature settings

The technology behind Puffco Peak managed to combine dabbing aspects. As a result, they came up with a portable device that will fit in your palm. However, how to use the peak is more smooth with a better dabbing experience.


Puffco Peak also eliminated the use of a blowtorch to make your dabbing experience safer, simpler, and straightforward.


Puffco Peak was the first eRig to offer professional and high-quality results on a new platform. It set the bar so high that other eRigs always felt missing something. The following is a summary of the features that were talked about.


1. It works with Bluetooth Apps.

Bluetooth compatibility, one of the most significant changes the company made to the Peak Pro, allows the Peak Pro to communicate with apps on your phone.



Puffco peak pro connected on phone


The Peak Pro App Experience is the name of a free smartphone app that lets people completely change their experiences.


The Peak Pro has the same four user settings as its predecessor, but it also has precision temperature control, which lets you change the heat setting to the smallest detail. You'll also be able to save your profiles so that they can be accessed from your phone when you need them.


The Peak Pro's app can also show you real-time temperature readings and help you manage it through your phone. You can also change the length of heat and the color of the Peak Pro's base.

2. Advanced Charging

The Puffco Peak Pro now has a USB-C port for charging. In addition, the new Peak Pro does away with micro USB in favor of a more robust and reliable way to get power. So even though it can be charged with the same charger as your iPhone or MacBook, the Puffco Peak Pro will charge faster and more consistently. 



It can also be used with a new accessory called the Peak Pro Power Dock. Also, it can be used as a power bank, so you can charge other things while you're out and about. It does this by wirelessly charging the Peak Pro.



Adding wax to Puffco Peak Pro


When the Peak Pro Power Dock is used with the app, it also has Ready Mode, which turns on the Puffco Peak Pro right away when it's lifted from the charging dock.

3. Puffco Pro Bowl is 40% Bigger.

The Puffco Peak Pro's new ceramic bowl is still removable, but it's bigger than the one it used to have. This means that you can load bigger dabs and enjoy the Peak Pro's stronger pulls.

Choosing Between Puffco Peak and Puffco Peak Pro

The Puffco Peak paved the way not only for Puffco Pro but also other eRigs in the market. Of course, if you want to buy a device as good as the original Peak, it's never a bad idea. But now that the Peak Pro is out there, the story has changed greatly.


If you want to compare Puffco Peak Pro to the Peak that came before it, Peak Pro is clearly better than its predecessor when it comes to features. It does, however, come with an extra cost.



It would also be a good idea to invest in Puffco's other accessories for the Peak Pro, such as their Power Dock. If your needs aren't so strict that you need to use a wireless dock and control the temperature with great precision, you could go with the OG.

Take Away

For most people, the Puffco Peak Pro is more of an eye-opener and gives wax concentrate fans a device worth their money. We feel the original Peak is best for people who want a direct experience and wish to buy limited-edition Peak items.


There is also the Peak Pro if you're an advanced dabber who wants to have a unique experience. There is a new Puffco Peak that can be used for work. The original Peak has given the keys to the city to its replacement, which is more bold and clever.


So, even though Peak pro costs more, it will show that when it comes to vaporizers, you always get what you pay for.


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